Ellie Crowe’s new book for teenagers

I’m so thrilled to have Ellie Crowe on my blog today. She’s an ex-South African living in Hawaii – can you believe it!

And here is the cover of her latest book – a story for teenagers set in the Everglades.

The story

Four teens are lost in the Florida Everglades, a maze of canals snaking into the surrounding swampland, a wilderness with monster alligators everywhere …  and not only the alligators are dangerous.
The Everglades were magical—How, was Megan supposed to just sit back and not explore the place? The airboat ride out into the thick grey water-world was so beautiful, so calm—how quickly things had changed. She had begged Adam to take her and her siblings out on the boat. But where were Sydney and Luke now? Lost, like she was, of course, but hurt? Dead? It was her impulsiveness that had gotten them stranded out here and drew the poachers’ anger. She wrapped her arms more tightly about the baby orangutan in her lap. How could she live with herself if something happened to them? Would she even have the chance? The now-familiar sound of someone or something sloshing through the muck reached her ears. Who or what was coming? The orangutan bared his teeth at the unknown, and she closed her eyes. She didn’t want to know the answer. She was too injured to climb out of this hole, and calling for help could attract them. One way or another, she knew she wouldn’t be getting out of here alone. It was only a question of who would find her first. 

Where did you get the idea for the story?

I love reading exciting, scary books set in exotic locations. Don’t you?! 1 wrote Gatorlands after visiting the Everglades with my husband and teenage son. We were walking on a boardwalk, wondering what was making the strange honking sounds. Maybe really big toads, we had decided. And then we looked down. And right below our feet, watching us with cold eyes, were massive alligators, dozens of them. This was the alligators’ world. Some even had baby toy-like alligators sitting on their heads. They didn’t care about us at all. We simply looked like possible snacks. So amazing. so scary. We visit Florida as often as we can to experience nature, right there so close, so Jurassic, so incredible. 

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Thanks for stopping by, Ellie and all the best with your books!

Ellie Crowe’s new book for teenagers
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