It’s Release day for Loving Brooke!

It’s finally release for Loving Brooke, Book 3 in the Unexpected Love series set in the fictional town of Alisson, Montana. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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“Brooke. You mentioned a contract?”

She opened the door wider. This had been such a bad idea. They were all alone; Connor was still at school. What had she been thinking, for crying out loud? She hadn’t been thinking, that was the problem. At least not clearly. She still had brain fog after last night’s scrumptious kisses… Oh, damn, she shouldn’t be thinking about last night’s kisses!

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’ll have to kiss you again,” Gavin said, his voice hoarse.

Face flaming, she turned away and marched toward the kitchen. She’d been staring at his mouth. The same mouth that had kissed her last night. The mouth she’d been dreaming about throughout the night.

The “contract” she’d been working on since the crack of dawn was lying on the table, and she quickly picked it up. “No kissing… Look, it’s point number one.”

Gavin took the piece of paper from her and leaned against the kitchen cupboard. He began reading what she’d typed.

He was here, in her house, and all she could think about was how his lips had felt against her, how perfectly she’d fitted against his body, how…

Inhaling slowly, she tried to calm down her wayward thoughts. Damn, this had to be one of the stupidest things she’d ever done, and that was saying a lot. She tended to do silly things—her mind was mostly on her paintings and not on everyday things. But this particular, everyday thing, she should have given it more thought. Much more thought.

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Thanks for stopping by! There is one more story in the series – coming January 2023 – I’ll keep you posted.

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It’s Release day for Loving Brooke!
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