Tea with author Betty Bolte

Today I’m having tea with Betty Bolte, a fellow RWA author and writer of historical and contemporary romance. The mysterious aspects of the world fascinates her and she loves to include a touch of the inexplicable.

But before we talk about her contemporary romance, Charmed against all odds, let’s find out more about her!


A. Quickies

  1. Tea or wine? (what brand/type/cultivar) I enjoy Bigelow’s Constant Comment (black tea with orange rind and sweet spice) when it’s chilly outside, perhaps with a dollop of honey. But in the evening, a crisp chardonnay will take the edges off my day.
  • Read or jog – Definitely read.
  • Cats or dogs – Both!
  • Heels or flats – Flats.
  • Boxers or briefs – Briefs.
  • Milk, dark or white chocolate – Milk, but really, all of the above!
  • Sweet or savoury –  Savory.
  • Sea or mountains – Tough one…I prefer the ocean and walking on the beach.

B. Five likes and five dislikes

Likes: long walks; traveling; a good story; meeting my readers; spending time with my family.

Dislikes: politics; dissension; sushi; flavored coffee; rap music.

C. Three things on your bucket list

Australia—I’ve wanted to go since reading The Thornbirds as a teen.

Driving the Florida Keys and visiting Hemingway’s house

Visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico

D. What triggered this specific story?

One thing I wanted to include in Charmed Against All Odds was a “reverse horcrux” concept from the Harry Potter series; instead of finding and destroy the objects, Roxie and Leo had to find and combine the missing charms onto the enchanted bracelet. I knew that Roxie Golden’s story had to be the most meaningful of the three witch sisters as it was the last one to tell. I also knew that her former fiancé Leo King was coming back to town. I was still trying to understand why they broke up in the first place when I heard Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” on the radio and the story in that song really spoke to the reasons for why Roxie ended the engagement. Thus the title of the book came together.


Loving her brings out the magic in him…

Wedding bells are ringing, but not for Roxie Golden. If she can survive another round of wedding plans, then her life can return to normal. She’s perfectly happy running the bookstore and weaving helpful magical spells. Then one stormy day, her ex-fiancé strolls back into her life with a gift neither of them wants.

Leo King wants to flee the small town for the big city. Forget about the shame he brought upon himself when he abused his magical powers. First, to satisfy his warlock father’s final wish, he must deliver the mysterious box to Roxie’s bookstore.

But when Roxie opens the box, revealing an enchanted bracelet and a quest spell, their plans and their lives are changed forever. Trapped in a reluctant partnership with the woman he once loved, he risks everything—including his heart—for a second chance.

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Thanks for having tea with me, Betty – I hope you get to do every item on your bucket list, they all sound wonderful!

Tea with author Betty Bolte
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  • January 17, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Thanks for having me over for tea, Elsa! I had a grand time!

  • January 17, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks to you, Betty – all the best with this one!

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