I am so pleased to be part of Lori Connely’s Written Fireside story again!

loriconnellyh_cantyousee1The title this time is Can’t you see?

Part 1 has been written by Lori Connely and you can find it here:






Part 2

Deep blue eyes flickered in his direction for mere seconds, but it was long enough for him to realize a few things: his neighbour may be a teacher but she was definitely no old lady; she was tall, slim and beautiful. She was also clearly miffed.

Amanda wanted to look her new neighbour in the eye and tell him exactly what she thought of rude people, but when her eyes met his clear green ones, a jolt shot down her spine, leaving her momentarily breathless.

When she’d seen him lying on the lounge chair a few minutes ago, she couldn’t help but notice his muscled legs and arms. She hadn’t been able to see his eyes because a hat covered his face. A hat he hadn’t even bothered to remove when she spoke to him. But now she was experiencing the full impact of his stare.

And wow – the man was impossibly attractive. The faded t-shirt he was wearing couldn’t hide his well-built, muscled upper body. Put this together with the bottom part she’d seen earlier, and you had a very large, very sexy man looking looking over her fence.

“I … thank you,” was all she got out. Her mouth felt dry and stringing more words together was difficult.

He was holding Gertie close to his chest and the little dog was obviously smitten. She was staring up into his face adoringly while licking his hand.

Irritated with Gertie, the man and herself, Amanda stomped closer to the fence to get Rachel’s little dog. But as she approached, the the horrible truth intruded – her sister was dead, Gertie was now her dog.

Trying to blink back the tears that seemed to be constantly ready to fall, she held out her hands to take Gertie.

“I’m sorry about just now,” the man said while putting Gertie gently into her hands. “I … had a bad dream and …”

“You were rude,” she said in a clipped voice, doing her best not to look into his eyes again while willing the tears not to fall. “I was only trying to find Gertie.”

“I know and I’m sorry …” he began, but she put Gertie down and turned her back on him.

“Fine,” she just about snarled while she walked briskly towards her part of the duplex. She was not going to cry again, damn it!

“Come on, Gertie, you haven’t eaten yet,” she called out, expecting Gertie to follow her and run ahead as she usually did when either eating or food was mentioned.

But behind her Gertie started barking. Exasperated, Amanda looked over her shoulder at Gertie. The little dog was standing exactly where she’d put her down just now, barking like crazy while she looked from Amanda to the new neighbouras if … as if she was trying to get them closer together.

Amanda snorted at the ridiculous idea. She’d probably slept too long over the weekend and was seeing things that weren’t even there. Her mother was right, she should get out more. But ever since Rachel’s death …

She pushed the thought away as she always did. “Come on, Gertie,” she called, but the little dog kept on barking, kept on swivelling her head from Amanda to the new neighbour.

The man laughed. Laughed! “What do you think she wants?”

“I have no idea,” Amanda said while she walked back and picked up Gertie.

“Shush!” she scolded Gertie and the little dog immediately dropped her head onto Amanda’s arm and whimpered as if she’d been hit.

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Really?”

The neighbour put out his hand and rubbed Gertie’s head. Excitedly, Gertie began licking his hand while she gave Amanda what could only be described as a triumphant look.

“I’m Noah by the way,” the man said with a grin. “Noah Hale.” He held out his right hand.

Amanda stared at the big hand for a few seconds. She didn’t want to touch him. If a mere look into his green eyes was able to nearly reduce her to a puddle,she shuddered to think what a touch of his hand would do.

Gertie barked and nudged her hand until she held it awkwardly out to Noah.

His hand folded over her fingers while Gertie barked excitedly. Her eyes met his and this time she saw beneath the clear green, this time she noticed … the pain.

Part 3 will be written by Angela Campbell and will be available on 7 July – enjoy!


Written Fireside story – Can’t you see?
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