MagicalWeddings 3D- finalIt’s time! It’s finally release day for The Magical Weddings Box-set! It has been such a fun ride and working with 14 remarkable romance authors has been such a unique experience.  Aileen Harkwood has been the driving force, the organiser, the cheerleader – you name it. I could never thank her enough for including me in this fabulous journey!


At 1:00 EDT time (19:00 South African time) I’ll start the ball rolling – I hope to see all of you there.

Magical weddings - giftsThere will be lots of lovely prizes, so do make sure you don’t miss anything! The very talented Eve Devon has made bookmarks for every title in the collection and these are up for grabs during each author’s slot.





Magical Wedding bookmark Real MagicReal magic coverDuring my half an hour I’m giving away first, the bookmark for my story – thank you, Eve Devon, these are so pretty!

(1) The answer to this first question I’ll be asking during my half an hour, you’ll be able to find in the following snippet from Real Magic:

Sighing with relief, Carley manoeuvred her car into the only parking spot left in the busy street. She was going to be so, so late! Yesterday she had promised the two car attendants who looked after cars on the parking lot across the street that the next cake she was giving away would be for them.

They’d been overjoyed, so even when she realised she was cutting things very fine, she finished the cake, dressed herself in record speed so that she’d have time to drop it off.

But maybe delivering the weekly cake to those less fortunate on the same day that she was one of the bridesmaids at her cousin’s wedding wasn’t such a good idea. The traffic had been so bad and if she didn’t get the cake to these guys within the next five minutes, she might just be later than the bride.

(2) My second giveaway is a copy of Touched to the heart, the first story in the series about the gorgeous Cavallo brothers. To be able to answer the question I’m posting, read through this snippet:

When Lily finally left, Caitlin took the elastic out of her hair and walked to the window. She combed her fingers through her hair.

She’d opened her rooms in September and had been just in time to watch the annual arrival of the whales in these waters. From her second storey window she had a wonderful view over the whole of Walker Bay.

With a smile she walked back to her laptop. She had the office to herself and couldn’t wait to blog. She hadn’t had a chance to update her blog since last weekend and wanted to catch up with her readers.

At first the blog was her way of venting about her latest disastrous date. Fed up with the way she’d been treated, she’d started to write about the types of men girls out there on the dating circuit should steer clear of. To her amazement and delight, it seemed as if her blog had triggered something in many women and the blog had somehow gotten a life of its own.

The only category of men she had never been able to write about, though, was the category of “the one”. Probably because she didn’t believe they existed. In her experience “the one” existed only in the romance novels her mother wrote and rom-com movies.

Magical weddings gift chrystal bead necklace(3) The third give-away is this lovely  chrystal bead necklace. You’ll find the answer to my question in the snippet from Real Magic below:

Sighing, she looked down at her bare feet. She couldn’t find one of her shoes and would be bare feet for the rest of the night. She’d looked everywhere. Under the seats, she’d even crouched down to look under the car. It probably fell out when she’d closed the car door. She remembered that she’d turned her head when her mother had called her. That was most likely when it fell out.

She was Cinderella all right. Only, she’d already lost her glass slipper and she hadn’t yet danced with the prince! Giggling, she winked at herself in the mirror. Tomorrow, she’d be back in her kitchen, the fairy tale forgotten.

For more prizes:

Make sure you get your copy of the Box-set before the party and take a selfie with the cover of the set on your device – this means more prizes!

The box-set is available for pre-order in all these lovely stores:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Ibooks | Google Play

Release Day – Magical Weddings Box-set
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