It’s release day for Kissing Charlie – thanks so much to Melissa Keir and Inkspell Publishing for publishing this story.

I have a thing for tule skirts. I’ve always had an interest in fashion and love clothes and for me there is just something magical about the sheerness, the layers, the way a tule skirt falls around your body. I wish I had the shutzpah to wear it! When the idea of a story set in small town somewhere in Montana popped into my head, the character of Charlie, dressed in a tule skirt, was the first character to announce herself. Putting the straight-laced Logan in the same room with her created immediate sparks!

I hope you enjoy Charlie and Logan’s story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. This is Book 1 in a new series called Unexpected love.

Kissing Charlie


One Kiss Will Change Their Lives Forever

Bowen therapist Charlie Wilson is not interested in men or relationships. Her only concern is making sure her sister Lindsay is safe. 

But then billionaire Logan Johnson walks into her rooms and stirs powerful feelings inside of her. Logan’s perfectly knotted tie is a clear indication free-spirit Charlie should steer clear of him at all costs. 

They are complete opposites, so why does he keep coming back to see her?

Short excerpt:

Fed up with the way his mother had conned him again, Logan tried counting silently to ten before he spoke, but he was still furious. “I’ve finally realized what’s going on here. You’re obviously in on the deal. So let me be perfectly clear—I’m not in the market for a wife. So this whole”—angrily, he motioned with his hand—“charade, was all in vain.”

Her eyes widened and she caught her breath before she burst out laughing. Stunned, he could only stare. She laughed with utter abandon. Her whole body took part—blue eyes twinkled, the bangles on her arms jingled, even her hair was bouncing merrily to the sound.

He gnashed his teeth. “It’s not funny.”

She let out another giggle before she finally managed to gulp in her laugh. But her eyes were still filled with mirth. “I assure you, sir, getting married is so not something I’m interested in. I’m very happy with my life. You don’t have to worry that I have designs…” Another giggle erupted before she quickly composed her face. “Drink lots of water when you get home and don’t do any other strenuous exercises. And do give my best to your mother. She is a such lovely person.”

He didn’t miss the slight emphasis on “she.” As Charlie spoke, she walked toward the door and opened it widely.

And that should have been that. He should have walked out, gotten into his car, and driven away.

Instead, his feet moved purposefully toward her. Again, her eyes widened, but this time it was in alarm.

“What are you doing?” she asked warily.

“I have no idea,” he said, getting the words out somehow before he bent his head. The smell of roses hit him again, seeped through his skin, and heated his blood. His lips simply had to test the texture of her skin. For a millisecond, his mouth touched her temple. Petals. Satin. Soft.

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Kissing Charlie – release day!
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