I don’t know about you, but I feel a little bit battered and bruised on this last day of 2020. We were all still praying for the devastating fires in Australia and wondering what Harry and Meghan are going to do now when Covid struck and boom! Everything changed.

We stopped rushing and driving and flying and moving around, giving nature a short break from the devastation we humans tend to wreck on a daily basis. Carbon emissions fell by the largest ever recorded and we’re told Earth now looks greener from space and the oceans are cleaner.

And we had time. Time to just sit, time to think, time to pay attention to those we live with, time to take a breath.

Many people lost their jobs, their livelihood – mostly because most governments seemed to have no idea how to manage this strange and scary pandemic.

Our government was even less equipped to deal with a crisis of this magnitude and the ministers who weren’t looting the Covid fund, kept themselves busy with long speeches about what kind of shoes we can an cannot buy, what and where we should eat and had many, many discussions over several months about whether or not people should buy cigarettes legally. Wasting time when they should’ve made sure we’d received vaccinations in time.

But amidst the chaos, we saw many beautiful things as well – someone singing on a balcony in Italy, a guy inviting someone to dine on her roof while he sat on his (am still wondering what happened next), people reaching out to one another.

Technology made it possible to stay in touch, we ‘Zoomed’ and ‘Microsoft Teams-ed’ and Whatsapp-ed, trying desperately to keep connected with those we can’t visit.

The highlight of the year for us has been the little girl with dark curls, beautiful blue eyes and a winning smile who entered our lives in January – a promise of better things to come.

May 2021 treat us all gentler and kinder. I wish you joy, I wish you peace and above all I wish you love.



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