Magical weddingsI’ve had the priviledge to work with a bunch of terrific women on this box-set. A special thanks to Aileen Harkwoord who had this brilliant idea and who worked tirelessly to put everything in place.


This box-set brings you 15 love stories, some tinged with a little magic, some very real, some historical, some from today but all of them have one magical ingredient – there is a wedding!

Please make sure you join us in 48 min!

Real magic coverI’m thrilled to bits to reveal the cover of my story, Real magic

Thanks to our son, Heinz Winckler who took the photograph and a huge thank you to Nic Jooste, the cover artist, who added his magic. You can reach him by email

Here is an excerpt from the story – if you read this, you should be able to answer the question I’m asking during the cover reveal!

“But Carley had stopped listening. He wasn’t wearing his dark glasses now. Fascinated, she stared into his eyes. What was it about them? And then it dawned on her.

“Heterochromia,” she murmured without taking her eyes off his. “You have one brown and one blue eye.” Her hand reached up and she touched his chin so that she could turn his face a little bit to the left in order to have a closer look. “I’ve heard about it, but have never actually seen someone with eyes like this.”

The moment her fingers touched his face, Brett stopped breathing. She barely touched him; it was more of a whisper of air on his chin, but something inside him moved.”

Cover reveal – Magical weddings!
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