There’s someone very dear to me I’d like to introduce to you all.

Everyone, meet Don.

Don, this is all the people.

Today, I’m joining a Meet the Character bloghop to introduce you all to my favorite main guy, Don Cavallo from Touched to the heart which was released in July 2014.

Thanks to Louise Rose-Innes for tagging me in on the fun.


Louise Rose-Innes writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Born in
sunny South Africa, Louise is a lover of sunshine and the sea, and this is
often reflected in her novels. After completing a post graduate in Marketing
Management, Louise headed off to the United Kingdom to gain work experience
and travel. She now lives in leafy Surrey with her family, and when she’s
not writing, is traipsing through the beautiful countryside, or kayaking on
the river Thames.

Her debut romantic suspense novel, Personal Assistance, has recently been
published through Entangled Publishing. She is a member of the Romantic
Novelists’ Association (RNA) in the UK, and the Romance Writers Organization
of South Africa (ROSA

You can find out more about Louise on her website

Thanks again for letting me join the fun, Louise!

Meet the Character

What is the name of your character? Is s/he fictional/historical?

I’m going to let Don introduce himself…

My name is Don Cavallo. Our mother has a restaurant, Rosa’s in Cape Town and I’ve always felt right at home in the hospitality industry. My three brothers and I now own boutique hotels in South Africa and on the Seychelle Islands. Life is busy, challenging, exciting and I love what I do. To relax and get away from everything business, I cycle and take part in as many races as possible. And it’s during the challenging Wine to Whales race that I hurt my back and ended up in a tent where a sexy physiotherapist puts her hands on my back.

When and where is the story set?

The story is set in the here and now. When in South Africa, my brothers and I mostly stay in Cape Town and I have just inherited a house in Hermanus, a beautiful coastal town an hour’s drive from Cape Town. We also have two hotels on the Seychelles, on Praslin and one on Mahé. And have I mentioned that the physio, Caitlin Sutherland has rooms in Hermanus?

What should we know about Don?

I love what I do. I love my family. And I love women. It’s just that lately I’ve become a bit wary of them. It seems most of them are only interested in what I own rather than in who I am. This woman, Caitlin, the one I can’t stop thinking about, is probably the same. But I think I want to find out.

What is Don’s goal?

We are talking about plans for a new hotel near the Kruger National Park. But I’m struggling to concentrate on anything lately. Blue eyes. She has gorgeous blue eyes. And her hands … I don’t know whether she always gives a massage like the one I received in her rooms, but I’m a bit freaked out at my reaction. I should stay as far away from her as possible. That’s a goal, right?

What is screwing up Don’s life (main conflict in writerly speak)?

I know I should have stayed away from Caitlin. But of course I haven’t. I’ve taken her on a date, I want to get to know her better. Only to discover she has trust issues. Huge trust issues. And then there is the thing between her sister Hannah and my brother Darryn – just the mention of Hannah’s name gets Darryn all riled up. But he’ll have to sort out his own problems – I have my own.

What is the title?

Touched to the heart. Because that’s what happened when she put her hands on my back for the first time. She not only touched my body, but also my heart.

When can we expect the book to be published?

It was published in July 2014. Touched small cover_Final200







Meet Next Week’s Author 

Téa Cooper’s Jazz Baby releases this month!




In the gritty underbelly of 1920s Sydney, a fresh-faced country girl is about to arrive in the big, dark city – and risk everything in the pursuit of her dreams.

Sydney is no place for the fainthearted—five shillings for a twist of snow, a woman for not much more, and a bullet if you look sideways at the wrong person.

Dolly Bowman is ready and willing to take on all the brash, bustling city has to offer. After all it is the 1920s, a time for a girl to become a woman and fulfil her dreams. Turning her back on her childhood, she takes up a position working as a housemaid while she searches for her future.

World War I flying ace Jack Dalton knows he’s luckier than most. He’s survived the war with barely a scratch, a couple of astute business decisions have paid off, and he’s set for the high life. But a glimpse of a girl that he had forgotten, from a place he’s tried to escape suddenly sets all his plans awry. Try as he might he can’t shake the past, and money isn’t enough to pay the debts he’s incurred.

Short Blurb

In the gritty underbelly of 1920s Sydney, a fresh-faced country girl is about to arrive in the big, dark city – and risk everything in the pursuit of her dreams.

ISBN: 9780857991928

Publication Date: October 22nd, 2014

Harlequin Escapeéa-cooper




For reviewers: NetGalley


Meet the character – Don Cavallo
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