The all-consuming romance novel is a guilty pleasure that we all have, where we find ourselves envious of the female protagonist who is entangled in an elaborate love story that makes us wonder whether she will ever end up with her soul mate. But all that melodrama can be a bit too much at times, so whenever you feel like lightening the mood, try reading a romantic comedy for a change.

Laughter and romance have always had this metaphorical symbiotic relationship, striking a perfect balance that What’s Trending Now say can be loved by all ages. So, forget all those romantic stories, as there are more ways to captivate readers than just with an intense, dramatic plotline. Yes, the inner monologues of Fifty Shades of Grey—the book that Adam & Eve like to call a steamy and romantic sensation—were laughable, but they’re probably nowhere near as comedic and entertaining as these rom-coms. Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of new romance novels in bookstores today.

Hollywood Dirt coverHollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
They say that the best relationships start off as friendships, but what about the ones that begin as enemies? Here, best-selling author Alessandra Torre changes things up with the contemporary romance Hollywood Dirt to show the humorous side of love. After his superstar wife leaves him, Cole Masten goes from being Hollywood’s perfect husband to Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. Soon he discovers and is intrigued by a small town in Georgia, and after he makes the big move there, he meets Summer Jenkins, a girl who is from a completely different world from the one he knows. Opposites tend to attract, but for these two they can’t seem to tell whether they want to jump in bed together, or rip each other’s heads off.

About that fling coverAbout That Fling by Tawna Fenske
One night stands are hardly a way to start a romantic relationship, and in the latest work of humorous fiction writer Tawna Fenske, she shows just how disastrous a fling can be. About That Fling tells the tale of Jenna McArthur, an intelligent and gorgeous PR agent who is at the top of her firm. But everything goes wrong when her Aunt Gertie convinces her to embrace her wild side, to which Jenna finds herself in bed with Adam Thomas. In the aftermath of it all, she discovers how completely hands-off he is—in the workplace and in her personal life.


Blurred lines coverBlurred Lines by Lauren Layne
Is there such thing as a platonic relationship between a man and woman? This is the question that Lauren Layne explores in Blurred Lines with a story of Parker Blanton and Ben Olsen, best friends since college and are now living together in an apartment in Portland. After a sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Parker decides to try out Ben’s “no strings attached” approach to relationships by hooking up with him. Things work out well until her ex reveals that he wants her back, making the best friends question whether things were ever casual between the two of them.

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