Below is an an excerpt from Touched to the heart. You’ll find the answer to the question for The Romance Reviews September party here :

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She put more oil on her hands and started again on his lower back. He closed his eyes again. Slowly, very slowly, her hands moved down again until she was once more massaging his right buttock. Firm fingers pressed down on his sore muscles, lifted and pressed down again. And each time they moved ever so slightly down and to the side of his body.

If he’d lift his body slightly, she could… Oh, bloody hell, what was he thinking? He had to get up from the bed in a few minutes. At the rate his body was reacting to this woman, he wouldn’t be able to stand, let alone walk out of there.

There was a commotion outside the tent and then he heard his brothers’ voices. Damn.

‘There he is,’ Dale called out.

‘Doesn’t look to me as if he’s in pain,’ Darryn said.

‘Nope, I agree,’ David added.

Don lifted his head and glared at his brothers. The girl pulled his shorts up and turned to them.

‘Can I help you?’ she asked in a clipped voice.

‘No, gorgeous, we’re fine. But then, we’re younger than our big brother here. Thank you for helping him. Does he have to go to the hospital?’ David asked innocently.

Don swung his legs from the bed and grabbed his shirt. ‘Very funny,’ he snarled. But it was a good thing his brothers had interrupted the massage. Their presence achieved what only a pail of cold water would have been able to do otherwise. At least now he’d be able to stand up.

He turned to the physiotherapist. ‘Thank you —’

‘I’m not done —’ she said.

‘I’m fine,’ he interrupted and turned to leave.

‘You can’t leave, Don, you haven’t introduced us to this beautiful girl,’ Darryn complained and put a hand to his back. ‘Now that I think about it, my back also hurts,’ he said with a big smile.

‘And I have a pain in my leg —’ began Dale.

‘Will you guys drop it?’ Don snarled. ‘She doesn’t even like cyclists, isn’t that right Miss…?’

Her eyes narrowed momentarily, but then she turned to his brothers with a big smile. ‘I’m Caitlin Sutherland. And I never said I don’t like cyclists.’

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