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Touched to the depths – 4th and final story of the Cavallo brothers

TouchedToTheDepths-ByElsaWinckler-453x680And finally the last story about the Cavallo brothers has been released! Touched to the depths, Darryn and Hannah’s story is now available.







He was the photographer, she the model and on a sunny beach on Mahé, she stole his heart. But Darryn isn’t ready for the powerful feelings Hannah elicits, so when another photographer implies he’s also slept with Hannah, Darryn uses it as the perfect excuse to walk away.

But when they meet again, he can’t ignore his instincts—Hannah is in danger. Lies and threats make targets of them both, and faced with a situation of pure terror, Darryn is forced to realize he’ll do anything to protect her. And to keep her with him, always…


She couldn’t help it, she had to do it. The photographer was late, she had her makeup on, her hair was ready, so she could indulge before she had to work.

Lifting her face up to the sun, drinking in the fragrance that was the Seychelles, Hannah lifted the layers of pink tulle of the skirt she was wearing and twirled. The make-up artist and the hair stylist laughed.

“I was wondering when you’d do that,” Sandy, the make-up artist said.

Looking over her shoulder, Sandy grinned. “Looks like our photographer caught you in the act.”

Hannah looked up into a pair of dark brown eyes that were watching her over the lens of a camera. This had to be Darryn Cavallo. The rumors were true—he was drop-dead gorgeous. Tall, muscled, with tousled, ink-black hair. Wow.

She didn’t wait to be introduced to him, didn’t wait to listen to his instructions. With her eyes locked on him, she slid into a pose. He stared at her for another minute before he lifted the camera.

And then her body started moving to a beat only audible to her and the photographer. Without any conscious thought, she posed and turned, instinctively knowing exactly what he wanted her to do.

The air around her stopped moving, breathing became difficult, any minute now she was going to go up in flames. Every cell in her body was reacting to him.

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Book Blitz for Suzanne Jefferies’s The Joy of Comfort Eating

Today I have the pleasure of being part of fellow South African author Suzanne Jefferies’s Book Blitz tour for her latest release The Joy of Comfort Eating.


Title: The Joy of Comfort Eating
Author: Suzanne Jefferies
Series: Standalone
Genre: Chick Lit/Romance/Erotica
Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing
Release Date: Nov 17
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print

It’s the worst day of Charlie Everson’s life. Not only can she no longer fit into her clothes—disaster for any public relations director—but also her first love, the sexy super-successful Brian Tendai, is her new CEO, the last person she ever expected to run into. Seeing him again tumbles Charlie back into her past. There are still so many unanswered questions: he’s convinced she left him, she’s convinced he left her. Charlie minimizes the ‘ex’ factor. Tell that to her emotions that are running wild.
But Brian’s not there to rekindle their romance. He’s overseeing Queenswood Communications’ recent merger after a hostile takeover. Guess whose name is at the top of the list?
They agree to one night together, just the one, then it’s back to business as normal. Or is it?

The Joy of Comfort Eating is a contemporary romance novel set in cosmopolitan Johannesburg.

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A glass of Pino Noir with Author Ally Shields

La-Vierge-Noir-2012-510x790Today I’m having a glas of wine with Ally Shields and we’re talking about her latest release, Cross Keys: Revelation, an Elvenrude novel, Book 2, a dark elf urban fantasy.

She prefers a Pino Noir and I’ve picked a bottle from La Vierge, a wine farm in the Hemel and Aarde Valley (Heaven and Earth) in South Africa. This vintage expresses the typical earthy and savoury aroma of this fine Burgundy variety and is backed by a red fruit character.

Before we talk about her book, let’s find out more about Ally 🙂


A. Quickies

  1. Tea or wine? wine (pinot noir)
  1. Read or jog? read
  1. Cats or dogs? I love them both.
  1. Heels or flats? sneakers and sandals
  1. Boxers or briefs? boxers
  1. Milk, dark or white chocolate: Yes!
  1. Sweet or savoury: Yum, savoury.
  1. Sea or mountains: mountains

B. Five likes and five dislikes

love spring, summer, fall; hate winter

love broccoli; hate brussel sprouts

love pierced earrings; don’t like other body piercings

love horses; not so crazy about pigs (they’re too smelly)

love to visit the zoo; avoid the reptile building, especially the snakes

C. Three things on your bucket list

Return to Egypt one more time (not likely under the current unrest).

Find a winter home some place warm.

See the cherry blossoms in DC in the spring

D. What triggered this specific story?

Cross Keys: Revelation is a continuation of the trilogy begun with Cross Keys (An Elvenrude Novel). For a long time I wasn’t sure the original book would have a sequel, but over time I realized Kam and Seth’s story wasn’t finished, nor was her sister’s. Revelation and the final book, Unity (I just submitted it to the publisher), tie up those loose ends and resolve the major conflicts. That’s the fun with fiction…you get to make it come out right in the end. 🙂

Revelation-ByAllyShields-453x680Blurb (Cross Keys: Revelation):

If everyone keeps secrets, no one will survive…

Six months after the nightmare in Cross Keys, Kam Ryndel is enjoying her freedom in New Orleans and doesn’t miss the constraints of Elven society. She’s immersed herself in working missions for the CIA, even if it means less time to spend with her boyfriend, Seth. Seth’s not so happy about that. Having shouldered the responsibility of his family’s obligations, he’s losing patience with Kam’s lack of commitment to her own—and to him.

Then a guild worker is attacked by an invisible assailant, and everyone suspects another portal breach by rogues from Elvenrude. As Kam and Seth look for answers, a gang-related CIA mission interrupts the investigation, and Kam is taken to a place she never knew existed—beyond the Louisiana bayou.

Angered by Kam’s new mission, Seth enlists the help of his cousin Rhyden to solve the mysterious guild-worker attack. Instead of an assailant, they discover reports of ghost sightings all over town. Not that unusual for New Orleans, but these seem…different. In a mission complicated by gangsters, feuds, failing magic, and old enemies—and the uncertain loyalty of the Elven king—Seth learns something even worse. Kam is missing. And he isn’t sure if she’s alive or dead…

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Thanks for having a glass of wine with me, Ally – your bucket list is inspiring 🙂


Snippet from Touched to the soul – answer for TRR Year-end party

TRR Year end splash partyI’m so thrilled to be a apart of The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party in November again.

Touched to the soul is the 2nd story in the Touched series about the four sexy hotel tycoon brothers. This is Dale and Zoe’s story.





Enjoy the snippet below – you’ll also find the answer to the question in the TRR’s Year Splash Eng Party in here 🙂


‘Zoe closed her eyes and wished the floor would swallow her up. She loved her romance-writing mother dearly, but at times like this she could cheerfully throttle her. She was forever trying to find husbands for her daughters. Zoe hoped now that Caitlin was married, her mother would back off, but obviously she had no such plans.

Smiling, her mother waved at them and moved away. The music changed again, and the next minute Dale stood in front of her, holding out his hand for a dance. Zoe glanced toward Hannah and Dana, but the other two Cavallo’s held out their hands toward her sister and their friend as well.

There was no way she could refuse this dance—her mother would never forgive her. OK, she’d do this and then nobody could accuse her of not behaving properly.

This was such a bad idea, but short of causing a scene, she couldn’t say no. She took a deep breath and, without looking at Dale, put her hand in his—her last rational act.

The next minute Dale had her on her feet and spun her around. Then he pulled her in and kept her close to his body as he danced around the floor with her. Her feet followed his as if she’d done this a million times before, as if they’d always been dancing together. His movements were flawless, graceful, intoxicating.

This close to him, his scent filled her nostrils, seeped through her skin into her bloodstream from where it filled every cell in her body. His powerful muscles flexed under her hands, his breath caressed her check, and his big, warm hand stroked her sensuously up and down her bare back, leaving every centimeter of her flesh craving for more. Their bodies were fused together. She closed her eyes and let the music and the man take over.

This would end in a few minutes; she would probably not see Dale again very soon, if ever, but for the moment she was tired of denying herself this sensation.’

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Bernadette Marie’s second book in the Walker Family Series – Startgazing

I’m a huge Bernadette Marie fan and so thrilled to be a part of Loving The Book’s Book Blitz for her new release, Stargazing


Stargaze is the second book in The Walker Family Series

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building
families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller
Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in
2011, along with her other series and single title books.
The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever
After always…and says she can write it, because she lives
When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons
to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the
beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is
also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo
A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in
2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to
write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too.
Bernadette Marie is also the CEO of Illumination Author Events.

Where you can find Bernadette Marie


 A mother’s secrets threaten a daughter’s future…

Bethany Waterbury left Hollywood and the shadow of
her mother’s death to give herself a fresh start. Her
main intention—to connect with the family she’d never
really had the chance to know.

Author Kent Black is enjoying his chart topping
success and living freely wherever his travels take him.
But when he meets the illustrious Bethany Waterbury
his wanderlust subsides and the thought of a steady
future begins to take over.

Kent believes in happily ever after, but the burden of
Bethany’s past might be too much for him to embrace
—unless true love is more powerful than a Hollywood tragedy.


 Ready for a snippet!?!

“Bethany?” he called as if they were old friends.
      She felt the blood drain from her head.
She didn’t know him did she?
He moved quickly around Mrs. Talbot and straight to her.
“Hi, sorry, had to get away from her. I’m Kent. I know you’re Bethany. I’m a big fan. Not a stalker kind of person at all, just a big fan. I’m thankful for the water. That is for me right?”
She nodded and handed him the glass. “Thanks,” he said as he took the
glass and began drinking.
“She’s weird, that woman,” he whispered. “Thanks for saving me.”
      “Do I know you?” she asked softly.
       Kent took her arm and led her to the table at the front of the room. It was obviously a tactic to keep people from coming up to him, by keeping her close.
      “No. Sorry.” He set his water on the table and held his hand out to shake
hers. “Formal intro now. Kent Black.”
      “Bethany Waterbury.”
      “I really like your work. I saw you the other day. I didn’t know it was you, but I saw you.”
      She narrowed her eyes on him. “You saw me?”
      “You were having coffee with some man. I think he was your brother.”
      “How do you know that?”
      His cheeks flushed and he wiped his handover his forehead. “Oh, well, the coffee shop was full. I saw you looking for a table. I was going to invite you to sit with me. You sat with some man and then when you left, you smiled at me, and then said something to him about having lunch with Dad.”

     God, he was a crazy mess too, this man who kept her up all night.


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Three New comedy Releases to check out this September

The all-consuming romance novel is a guilty pleasure that we all have, where we find ourselves envious of the female protagonist who is entangled in an elaborate love story that makes us wonder whether she will ever end up with her soul mate. But all that melodrama can be a bit too much at times, so whenever you feel like lightening the mood, try reading a romantic comedy for a change.

Laughter and romance have always had this metaphorical symbiotic relationship, striking a perfect balance that What’s Trending Now say can be loved by all ages. So, forget all those romantic stories, as there are more ways to captivate readers than just with an intense, dramatic plotline. Yes, the inner monologues of Fifty Shades of Grey—the book that Adam & Eve like to call a steamy and romantic sensation—were laughable, but they’re probably nowhere near as comedic and entertaining as these rom-coms. Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of new romance novels in bookstores today.

Hollywood Dirt coverHollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
They say that the best relationships start off as friendships, but what about the ones that begin as enemies? Here, best-selling author Alessandra Torre changes things up with the contemporary romance Hollywood Dirt to show the humorous side of love. After his superstar wife leaves him, Cole Masten goes from being Hollywood’s perfect husband to Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. Soon he discovers and is intrigued by a small town in Georgia, and after he makes the big move there, he meets Summer Jenkins, a girl who is from a completely different world from the one he knows. Opposites tend to attract, but for these two they can’t seem to tell whether they want to jump in bed together, or rip each other’s heads off.

About that fling coverAbout That Fling by Tawna Fenske
One night stands are hardly a way to start a romantic relationship, and in the latest work of humorous fiction writer Tawna Fenske, she shows just how disastrous a fling can be. About That Fling tells the tale of Jenna McArthur, an intelligent and gorgeous PR agent who is at the top of her firm. But everything goes wrong when her Aunt Gertie convinces her to embrace her wild side, to which Jenna finds herself in bed with Adam Thomas. In the aftermath of it all, she discovers how completely hands-off he is—in the workplace and in her personal life.


Blurred lines coverBlurred Lines by Lauren Layne
Is there such thing as a platonic relationship between a man and woman? This is the question that Lauren Layne explores in Blurred Lines with a story of Parker Blanton and Ben Olsen, best friends since college and are now living together in an apartment in Portland. After a sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Parker decides to try out Ben’s “no strings attached” approach to relationships by hooking up with him. Things work out well until her ex reveals that he wants her back, making the best friends question whether things were ever casual between the two of them.

Written Fireside story – Can’t you see?

I am so pleased to be part of Lori Connely’s Written Fireside story again!

loriconnellyh_cantyousee1The title this time is Can’t you see?

Part 1 has been written by Lori Connely and you can find it here:





Part 2

Deep blue eyes flickered in his direction for mere seconds, but it was long enough for him to realize a few things: his neighbour may be a teacher but she was definitely no old lady; she was tall, slim and beautiful. She was also clearly miffed.

Amanda wanted to look her new neighbour in the eye and tell him exactly what she thought of rude people, but when her eyes met his clear green ones, a jolt shot down her spine, leaving her momentarily breathless.

When she’d seen him lying on the lounge chair a few minutes ago, she couldn’t help but notice his muscled legs and arms. She hadn’t been able to see his eyes because a hat covered his face. A hat he hadn’t even bothered to remove when she spoke to him. But now she was experiencing the full impact of his stare.

And wow – the man was impossibly attractive. The faded t-shirt he was wearing couldn’t hide his well-built, muscled upper body. Put this together with the bottom part she’d seen earlier, and you had a very large, very sexy man looking looking over her fence.

“I … thank you,” was all she got out. Her mouth felt dry and stringing more words together was difficult.

He was holding Gertie close to his chest and the little dog was obviously smitten. She was staring up into his face adoringly while licking his hand.

Irritated with Gertie, the man and herself, Amanda stomped closer to the fence to get Rachel’s little dog. But as she approached, the the horrible truth intruded – her sister was dead, Gertie was now her dog.

Trying to blink back the tears that seemed to be constantly ready to fall, she held out her hands to take Gertie.

“I’m sorry about just now,” the man said while putting Gertie gently into her hands. “I … had a bad dream and …”

“You were rude,” she said in a clipped voice, doing her best not to look into his eyes again while willing the tears not to fall. “I was only trying to find Gertie.”

“I know and I’m sorry …” he began, but she put Gertie down and turned her back on him.

“Fine,” she just about snarled while she walked briskly towards her part of the duplex. She was not going to cry again, damn it!

“Come on, Gertie, you haven’t eaten yet,” she called out, expecting Gertie to follow her and run ahead as she usually did when either eating or food was mentioned.

But behind her Gertie started barking. Exasperated, Amanda looked over her shoulder at Gertie. The little dog was standing exactly where she’d put her down just now, barking like crazy while she looked from Amanda to the new neighbouras if … as if she was trying to get them closer together.

Amanda snorted at the ridiculous idea. She’d probably slept too long over the weekend and was seeing things that weren’t even there. Her mother was right, she should get out more. But ever since Rachel’s death …

She pushed the thought away as she always did. “Come on, Gertie,” she called, but the little dog kept on barking, kept on swivelling her head from Amanda to the new neighbour.

The man laughed. Laughed! “What do you think she wants?”

“I have no idea,” Amanda said while she walked back and picked up Gertie.

“Shush!” she scolded Gertie and the little dog immediately dropped her head onto Amanda’s arm and whimpered as if she’d been hit.

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Really?”

The neighbour put out his hand and rubbed Gertie’s head. Excitedly, Gertie began licking his hand while she gave Amanda what could only be described as a triumphant look.

“I’m Noah by the way,” the man said with a grin. “Noah Hale.” He held out his right hand.

Amanda stared at the big hand for a few seconds. She didn’t want to touch him. If a mere look into his green eyes was able to nearly reduce her to a puddle,she shuddered to think what a touch of his hand would do.

Gertie barked and nudged her hand until she held it awkwardly out to Noah.

His hand folded over her fingers while Gertie barked excitedly. Her eyes met his and this time she saw beneath the clear green, this time she noticed … the pain.

Part 3 will be written by Angela Campbell and will be available on 7 July – enjoy!

Release Day – Magical Weddings Box-set

MagicalWeddings 3D- finalIt’s time! It’s finally release day for The Magical Weddings Box-set! It has been such a fun ride and working with 14 remarkable romance authors has been such a unique experience.  Aileen Harkwood has been the driving force, the organiser, the cheerleader – you name it. I could never thank her enough for including me in this fabulous journey!


At 1:00 EDT time (19:00 South African time) I’ll start the ball rolling – I hope to see all of you there.

Magical weddings - giftsThere will be lots of lovely prizes, so do make sure you don’t miss anything! The very talented Eve Devon has made bookmarks for every title in the collection and these are up for grabs during each author’s slot.





Magical Wedding bookmark Real MagicReal magic coverDuring my half an hour I’m giving away first, the bookmark for my story – thank you, Eve Devon, these are so pretty!

(1) The answer to this first question I’ll be asking during my half an hour, you’ll be able to find in the following snippet from Real Magic:

Sighing with relief, Carley manoeuvred her car into the only parking spot left in the busy street. She was going to be so, so late! Yesterday she had promised the two car attendants who looked after cars on the parking lot across the street that the next cake she was giving away would be for them.

They’d been overjoyed, so even when she realised she was cutting things very fine, she finished the cake, dressed herself in record speed so that she’d have time to drop it off.

But maybe delivering the weekly cake to those less fortunate on the same day that she was one of the bridesmaids at her cousin’s wedding wasn’t such a good idea. The traffic had been so bad and if she didn’t get the cake to these guys within the next five minutes, she might just be later than the bride.

(2) My second giveaway is a copy of Touched to the heart, the first story in the series about the gorgeous Cavallo brothers. To be able to answer the question I’m posting, read through this snippet:

When Lily finally left, Caitlin took the elastic out of her hair and walked to the window. She combed her fingers through her hair.

She’d opened her rooms in September and had been just in time to watch the annual arrival of the whales in these waters. From her second storey window she had a wonderful view over the whole of Walker Bay.

With a smile she walked back to her laptop. She had the office to herself and couldn’t wait to blog. She hadn’t had a chance to update her blog since last weekend and wanted to catch up with her readers.

At first the blog was her way of venting about her latest disastrous date. Fed up with the way she’d been treated, she’d started to write about the types of men girls out there on the dating circuit should steer clear of. To her amazement and delight, it seemed as if her blog had triggered something in many women and the blog had somehow gotten a life of its own.

The only category of men she had never been able to write about, though, was the category of “the one”. Probably because she didn’t believe they existed. In her experience “the one” existed only in the romance novels her mother wrote and rom-com movies.

Magical weddings gift chrystal bead necklace(3) The third give-away is this lovely  chrystal bead necklace. You’ll find the answer to my question in the snippet from Real Magic below:

Sighing, she looked down at her bare feet. She couldn’t find one of her shoes and would be bare feet for the rest of the night. She’d looked everywhere. Under the seats, she’d even crouched down to look under the car. It probably fell out when she’d closed the car door. She remembered that she’d turned her head when her mother had called her. That was most likely when it fell out.

She was Cinderella all right. Only, she’d already lost her glass slipper and she hadn’t yet danced with the prince! Giggling, she winked at herself in the mirror. Tomorrow, she’d be back in her kitchen, the fairy tale forgotten.

For more prizes:

Make sure you get your copy of the Box-set before the party and take a selfie with the cover of the set on your device – this means more prizes!

The box-set is available for pre-order in all these lovely stores:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Ibooks | Google Play

There’s a wedding and everyone is invited! Magical Weddings box-set

So proud and thrilled to be a part of this project! Weddings, couples, happy endings, kisses – everything you need to sigh deeply, laugh loudly and fall in love all over again.

Add onjune16 - with cover - edited

The Magical Weddings box-set includes 14 NEW RELEASES, written expressly for this set. Now available for only .99 cents!

MagicalWeddings 3D- final

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Ibooks | Google Play

Whether real or only in the hearts of the bride and groom, the magic of weddings is undeniable. And irresistible! As these 15 enchanting happily-ever-afters by bestselling and award-winning authors prove.

From sweet to spicy, the romances bundled into this set cross time and unite hearts, cast spells of laughter, battle wedding jitters and fight back tears, while weaving love’s hopeful magic throughout 1400 pages.

~~~About the Books~~~

Her Wedding Wager by Leigh Michaels, National bestselling and Award-winning author of over 100 novels. Celia’s doomed to an arranged marriage–unless she can win the most important bet of her life!

The Last Wedding at Drayhome (Breens Mist Witches) by Aileen Harkwood. Never underestimate the power of a witch and warlock in love who have nothing left to lose.

The Dress by Eve Devon. Two couples, 400 years apart. From a masquerade ball in Venice 1615 to a wedding in England 2015, can a dress laced with magic weave its spell through the fabric of time?

Second Chance Bride by Raine English, USA Today bestselling and Award-winning author. She thinks she’s marrying the man of her dreams, until a telepathic rescue dog leads her to someone else… Will this bride-to-be say “I do” to the wrong man?

Two Hearts Surrendered by Tamara Ferguson, Bestselling and Award-winning author. Will two warring hearts be strong enough to survive the ultimate battle?

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Lynda Haviland. She has a wedding to crash–until love gets in the way!

Heart of the Secret (Witches of Lane County) by Jody A. Kessler, Bestselling and Award-winning author. A 500 year-old curse, a witch who will do anything to marry her one true love, and the heart of a secret that will either divide them or bring them together…forever.

The Jealous Love of a Scoundrel by Jane Lark, National bestselling author. How do you fight a calling that comes from your soul?

A Wedding Across the Winds of Time by Bess McBride, National bestselling author. Darius and Molly found each other Across the Winds of Time. Now, it’s time for their wedding!

Kiss This by L.L. Muir, National bestselling and Award-winning author. You never expect the florist to catch the bouquet…

Caution is a Virtue by Jennifer Gilby Roberts. How much is too much to risk for love?

Loving Lindy by Jan Romes. In order to become the bank’s new Vice President, Gunther Justin has to be “settled.” With Lindy McPherson posing as his fiancé everything is set to go off without a hitch–until real feelings get in the way.

With this Kiss by Heather Thurmeier. Does a simple kiss have enough magic to reunite lovers?

Real Magic by Elsa Winckler. She’s the bridesmaid, he’s a best man. Will the magical evening stay just that or will it turn out to be real after all?

The Wedding Guests (A Tassamara Short Story) by Sarah Wynde. When unexpected guests attend Akira and Zane’s wedding, lives will change forever. But for better or for worse?


***Meet the Authors***

Leigh Michaels is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than 100 books, including historical romance and contemporary romance. Her non-fiction book, On Writing Romance, has been called the best guide available for romance writers, and she teaches romance writing online at Gotham Writers Workshop.

Six of her books have been finalists in the RITA contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America, and more than 35 million copies of her books are in print in 25 languages and more than 120 countries. Her books have been published by Harlequin Books, Sourcebooks, Montlake Romance, Writers Digest Books, and Arcadia Publishing.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Aileen Harkwood is a Readers’ Crown finalist who lives in the Southern Rockies. The Last Wedding at Drayhome is the prequel to two concurrent series of fantasy romances, Spell Touched: Breens Mist Witches, Book 1, and Wedding Spell, first in the Breens Mist Weddings series, due out in September 2015. She’s passionate about green chile and the mysteries hiding in antique photographs. Check in with her at:

Website | Newsletter | Facebook

Eve Devon: Growing up in locations like Botswana and Venezuela gave Eve Devon a taste for adventure. Her love of romances began when her mother shoved one into her hands in a desperate attempt to keep her quiet during TV coverage of the Wimbledon tennis finals. She lives in leafy Surrey in the UK, a book-devouring, slightly melodramatic, romance-writing sassy heroine with her very own sexy hero husband! Visit the author at her website:

Facebook | Twitter

Raine English USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Raine English writes sweet small-town romance, paranormal, and Gothic romantic suspense. She’s a Daphne du Maurier Award winner and a Golden Heart finalist. Her new lighthearted contemporary romance series, Love Always, will be available June 2015. It features three childhood friends who encounter a lot more than anticipated while searching for love. Raine lives in New England with her family and her French bulldog, Bailey.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Tamara Ferguson: A member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as the FTHRW Chapter, Tamara

Ferguson is the best-selling and multi-award winning author of the Tales of The Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series. Tales of the Dragonfly Book II: In Flight was a 2014 WINNER at the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. Her latest release, That Unforgettable Kiss, was recently a top ten Amazon bestseller in Kindle Saga Fiction.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Lynda Haviland shares her chaotic and creative life with her chef husband, two artistic teenagers, and an aging bearded dragon. She admits to being heavily influenced by hazelnut coffee, chocolate with caramel, and romantic comedies. Something Borrowed, Something Blue is a stand-alone romantic short story written for the Magical Weddings Boxed Set. But Nellie Pearle can’t be contained. Look for her and other oddly entertaining residents of Pearl Key in an upcoming paranormal suspense series.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook

Jody A. Kessler’s debut novel, Death Lies Between Us, is a #1 best-seller and the winner of the Readers’ Crown Award. She writes paranormal romance, historical time travel fiction, and contemporary fiction.

Website | Amazon | Newsletter

Jane Lark: Jane is a Kindle bestselling author and a writer of authentic, passionate and emotional Historical and New Adult romances, and she’s a sucker for a love story. “I love the feeling of falling in love and it’s wonderful to be able to do it time and time again in fiction.” She loves writing intense relationships and she is thrilled to be giving her characters life in others’ imaginations.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Bess McBride is the bestselling author of over fifteen time travel romances as well as contemporary, historical, romantic suspense and light paranormal romances. She loves to hear from readers, and you can contact her at

Website | Twitter | Facebook

L.L. Muir lives in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains with a charming husband who makes her laugh, but does not make her do pans. Like most authors, she is constantly searching for, or borrowing pens. The best ideas always begin on a napkin.

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Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a degree in physics and a postgraduate certificate in computing, so a career writing fiction was inevitable really. She was born and grew up in Surrey/Greater London, but now lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, her small daughter, a middle-aged cat and a lot of dust bunnies.

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Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She likes to read all genres and writes witty contemporary romance.

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Heather Thurmeier is a lover of margaritas and a hater of spiders. Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, she now lives in New York where she’s become an odd Canuck-Yankee hybrid. Heather’s currently writing her next romance, which will probably be filled with sassy heroines, sexy heroes that make your heart pound, laugh out loud moments and always a happily ever after.

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Elsa Winckler: Inspired by the writing of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry James, and the Brontë sisters, Elsa Winckler likes her heroines beautiful, feisty, independent and headstrong. She married her college boyfriend who, after 40 years, still makes her weak in the knees. They have 3 interesting children, 3 beautiful grandsons and live in the picturesque little seaside village of Betty’s Bay, South Africa.

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Sarah Wynde graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in English, which she actually managed to put to use by becoming an editor. She’s worked on magazines, websites, and books, including ten years spent as a senior acquisitions editor with Pearson. Eventually, her love of writing pushed her into independent publishing. She likes to think of the stories she writes as unexpected fiction—bending, blending, and occasionally breaking genres.

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Cover reveal – Magical weddings!

Magical weddingsI’ve had the priviledge to work with a bunch of terrific women on this box-set. A special thanks to Aileen Harkwoord who had this brilliant idea and who worked tirelessly to put everything in place.


This box-set brings you 15 love stories, some tinged with a little magic, some very real, some historical, some from today but all of them have one magical ingredient – there is a wedding!

Please make sure you join us in 48 min!

Real magic coverI’m thrilled to bits to reveal the cover of my story, Real magic

Thanks to our son, Heinz Winckler who took the photograph and a huge thank you to Nic Jooste, the cover artist, who added his magic. You can reach him by email

Here is an excerpt from the story – if you read this, you should be able to answer the question I’m asking during the cover reveal!

“But Carley had stopped listening. He wasn’t wearing his dark glasses now. Fascinated, she stared into his eyes. What was it about them? And then it dawned on her.

“Heterochromia,” she murmured without taking her eyes off his. “You have one brown and one blue eye.” Her hand reached up and she touched his chin so that she could turn his face a little bit to the left in order to have a closer look. “I’ve heard about it, but have never actually seen someone with eyes like this.”

The moment her fingers touched his face, Brett stopped breathing. She barely touched him; it was more of a whisper of air on his chin, but something inside him moved.”